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middle, and a rise towards the right side. Recent developments in Indian Foreign policy: India's position on the recent crisis in Afghanistan, Iraq and West Asia, growing relations with US and Israel; the vision of new world order. Image credit: EN2008, other articles discussing intelligence or the psychology of political orientation.
Participants views on the former issues (e.g. Questions are generally asked on the current topics. What is an Intelligent Personality? Upsc Political Science Optional is divided into two papers, Paper-1 and Paper-2. There was a linear trend for more intelligent students to be less conservative overall, in line with Stankovs findings. Paper 1: Section A: Political Theory Essential Readings: An Introduction to Political Theory.P Gauba.7TH edition, Mayur Publication Political Theory: An Introduction by Rajeev Bhargava and Ashok Acharya, 2nd edition, Pearson. The results of Rindermans study might have been influenced by the fact that Brazilian people have had a long history of living through more extreme political regimes than Americans. The left side tended to have more highly intelligent people than the right though, in line with the linear trend.

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Study IQ Education: Online iq option hacking software Smart Courses for all Govt Job Competitive Exams South Asia as a Free Trade Area. Hence apparent associations between left-liberal views and intelligence may reflect currently prevailing Western values. Key concepts in International Relations: National interest, Security and power; Balance of power and deterrence; Transnational actors and collective security; World capitalist economy and globalisation.
Section B: Indian Government and Politics. Hence, more intelligent people are thought to be moderate or centrist in their political views. Theories of the state: Liberal, Neo-liberal, Marxist, Pluralist, Post-colonial and feminist. Accusations of liberal bias among academics are often made and there does appear to be a degree of truth to these, especially among social psychologists (e.g. You do not need to read cover to cover. In this article, we have discussed the upsc Political Science Optional Syllabus, Political Science preparation strategy as well as the booklist that you should refer. And of Kemmelmeier would seem to contradict each other.

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Upsc Political Science Optional Syllabus, Booklist Preparation Strategy India and the Nuclear Question: Changing perceptions and policy. Caste, Religion and Ethnicity in Indian Politics. Perhaps, there is a complicated relationship with intelligence such that people of average ability tend to prefer moderate views, whereas those with greater intellectual gifts might perceive more extreme ideologies, whether left or right-wing, as more sophisticated and hence more appealing.
A History of Political Thought: Plato to Marx by Subrata Mukherjee and Sushila Ramaswamy. Impediments to regional co-operation: river water disputes; illegal cross-border migration; ethnic conflicts and insurgencies; border disputes. Additional Readings: Politics in India by Rajni Kothari. A recent proponent of this view. This suggests that people who are more intelligent tend to be more interested in and informed about politics generally. Malone, C Raja Mohan and Srinath Raghvan. Participants in Rindermans study were study iq political science optional predominantly of average intelligence, whereas those in Kemmelmeiers study were students from elite colleges with high levels of intellectual ability. Found that more intelligent people tended to support more moderate views, an American study found the opposite effect. Concept of power: hegemony, ideology and legitimacy.

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Intelligence and Politics Have a Complex Relationship Rinderman who argued that more intelligent people tend to have civic values that lead them to support political systems they believe will foster education and the growth of knowledge (Rindermann, Flores-Mendoza, Woodley, 2012). MEA website should be regularly followed for updates and articles. This is the complete overview of the upsc Political Science Optional Subject including the syllabus, booklist and preparation strategy. Paper 1: Section B: Indian Government and Politics Essential Readings: Indias Struggle for Independence by Bipin Chandra. Section A: Political Theory and Indian Politics.
The second point is that categorising people simply as generally liberal or conservative may mask differences in peoples views on social versus economic issues. Upsc Political Science Optional Syllabus For Paper-2. You do not have to follow it cover-to-cover. If you have an inclination towards political science subject, then read the upsc political science optional syllabus thoroughly. It is worth noting that the average IQs cited for the various political orientations study iq political science optional in Rinderman. Principal Organs of the Union Government: Envisaged role and actual working of the Executive, Legislature and Supreme Court. India and South Asia: Regional Co-operation: saarc-past performance and future prospects. Understanding International Relations by Chris Brown and Kirsten Ainley.

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